Gjermund Larsen|Photo: Geir Dokken

Nobel's Peace Prize Concert

Gjermund Larsen and The World Choir

A beautiful moment from this year's Nobel's Peace Prize Concert.



Check out this battle of Norwegian traditional dance!
Nowegian Tapas


Norwegian Tapas tour

Torgeir Vassvik, Seven Winds and Kouame Sereba toured Belgium in February.


Benedicte Maurseth

Hardanger violin player Benedicte Maurseth plays a tune on an old version of the instrument.
Sigrid Moldestad - Bylarm


Sigrid Moldestad

Sigrid Moldestad is performing at Celtic Connections with her band in January. On this video you can watch a recording from the festival By:larm in Oslo last year.

National competition of Norwegian Folk Music:

Norwegian Broadcasting at Landskappleiken

Get a glimpse of this year´s competition of Norwegian Folk Music, Landkappleiken, which this year was arranged at Voss. Norwegian Broadcasting made recordings both of the competitions and the concerts, and not least they checked the pulse on the general feel of the arrangement. Enjoy!

Listen to

Gjermund Larsen Trio at Celtic Connections

Gjermund Larsen Trio from a concert at this year's Celtic Connections.
foto | Erik Holand

Hardanger fiddle:

Annbjørg Lien plays the Bell Tune

Hardanger fiddle player Annbjørg Lien plays the Bell Tune on this Youtube recording from a concert with the ensemble String Sisters.
Yr Youtube

Education in traditional dance

Frikar Academy of Dance

Get a glimpse of the practising at the Frikar Academy of Dance. Young talented dancers get instructions from master halling dancer Hallgrim Hansegård.

Spotlight Norway | Part 6


Get a glimpse of Synnøve S.Bjørset's concerts at Celtic Connections
Foto: Eivind Kaasin

Spotlight Norway | Part 4


Get a glimpse of Skaidi's concerts at Celtic Connections.
Foto - Eivind Kaasin


Spotlight Norway | Part 2

Get a glimpse of Majorstuen's concerts at Celtic Connections.
Foto - Eivind Kaasin

Spotlight Norway | Part one


Get a glimpse of Unni Boksasp Ensemble's concerts at Celtic Connections
Gjermund Larsen|Photo: Geir Dokken

Melodic delight

Gjermund Larsen Trio

Gjermund Larsen is one of those rare young performers who have achieved success in both the folk and contemporary music worlds.
Valkyrien Allstars|Photo: Geir Dokken

Ageless and borderless

Valkyrien Allstars

It is often said that music is an activity that should be seen performed and not only listened to. The truth of this assertion is very much proven when attending a concert by Valkyrien Allstars.

Musical gold

Nils Økland

Nils Økland’s recent solo release on the acclaimed ECM label tells something of his stature not just in Norwegian music but as an internationally respected musician and composer.
SLÅTTAR | Synnøve Bjørset - ta:lik

Hard core fiddler

Synnøve Bjørset

A concert with Synnøve S. Bjørset is a personal and vital meeting with a young musician who introduces her world of Hardanger fiddle music with passion and enthusiasm. Her story-telling ability and her anecdotes about old fiddlers, the tunes and the fiddles, make the music approachable for many more than the true Hardanger fiddle fans.