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Nothing wrong with Vrang

Vrang, 2011

Vrang, 2011

The trio Vrang finds inspiration in traditional music from different Norwegian regions, but also draws upon elements from all over the world. They recently won the prestigous Open Class category at Landskappleiken, and are just some of the fresh, new talents you may encounter at Folkelarm 2011.

- With traditional music as a point of departure we search for a new approach by mixing components from genres such as jazz and bluegrass and combine it with literature, dance and performing arts.

- Our main ambition is to tie all these different elements together and make a fine show that gives the audience a new experience, Vrang says.

All the three musicians are currently studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music specializing in Traditional Nordic Folk Music. This summer they won the prestigous Open Class category at Landskappleiken, which was held at Seljord in Telemark. 

Tuva Færden | Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, vocals
Jon Hjellum Brodal | fiddle, vocals
Maja Gravermoen Toresen | Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, vocals

You may read all about Folkelarm 2011, and the many Nordic talents to be experienced there, by continueing to this English language page.


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