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Design: K�re Thomsen 55 31 23 30

Design: K�re Thomsen 55 31 23 30

NORCD has released a steady stream of high quality Norwegian folk, jazz, impro and world music titles since its establishment in 1991. NORCD's catalogue features 85 album titles (2009).
NORCD's back-catalogue will remain in stock for many years to come, offering a valuable source for Norwegian folk music as well as improvised and jazz-tinged sounds. The label's goal is to present quality music for quality music listeners, and to maintain its reputation as the record company that cares more about the music than the sales.


Kongensgate 16
0153 Oslo
Contact: Karl Seglem
Tlf: + 47 22 33 41 44
e-mail: norcd@norcd.no

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