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Dalstroka innafor

Johanne Flottorp, Gard Nergaard & Tor Hoslemo

Diverse_artistar_dalstroka innanfor

With this album the Folk Music Archives of Agder presents tunes played by three of the best Hardanger fiddlers of the region.

In spite of their youth, they present their local fiddle traditions as experienced performers, having participated in numerous fiddle competitions, talent contests and local performances. They are now important for the continuance of their traditions in the Agder region.

Johanne Flottorp (1991). Salve Austenå, a traditional fiddler of the Åmli/Tovdal areas in Aust-Agder County, has been Johanne’s main teacher. In addition, she mentions Øystein Rød (of Grimstad) and Annbjørg Lien as instructors and sources of inspiration. Johanne has excelled at fiddle competitions and has been among national finalists in the Norwegian Youth Festivals of Art talent contest (UKM). She currently attends the Dahlske high school/junior college in Grimstad, where she is studying music with Hardanger fiddle as her main instrument.

Gard Nergaard (1993) . Gard plays tunes from the little-known fiddle tradition of Marnardal, a municipality in Vest-Agder County. He has learned much from Paul Sveinall, but as there are few other living fiddlers in Marnardal, he has also learned from transcriptions and recordings. Gard has done well at competitions and talent contests (UKM) and has participated in various performances. He plays for dancing locally, teaches fiddling and also works at transcribing local folk music.

Tor Hoslemo (1992) . Tor’s specialty is the fiddling of his district, Setesdal, the part of Agder with the richest Hardanger fiddle tradition. He has topped his class as a junior at Norway's National Folk Music And Dance Competition (Landskappleiken) and won many prizes at local contests. He has also received many scholarships, among them the Aust-Agder County’s cultural scholarship. Tor has studied fiddling with the best tradition-bearers of Setesdal today.

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