Folkelarm 2011

Ragnhild Furebotten: Never on a sunday

Ragnhild Furebotten_framside

Her interpretations of traditional music from northern Norway, and her own compositions, combined with stellar horn arrangements by two of Norway´s most celebrated jazz composers, make this a truly new musical experience.

Aldri på en søndag (Never on a Sunday) is fiddler Ragnhild Furebotten´s second solo album, following the acclaimed debut Endelig Vals from 2007. The piece had its debut act at the festival Kalottspel in 2010, and will be released on record in October 2011.

Fiddler Ragnhild Furebotten is known as a solid conveyor of tradition, although with a distinctly personal form of expression and strong innovative elements in her music.

Ragnhild Furebotten interprets and conveys the traditions of the northern Norwegian folk music. Apart from being a soloist, she is a popular ensemble musician, playing with top Norwegian bands such as Fotefar and Hekla Stålstrenga.

Ragnhild Furebotten | fiddle
Helge Sunde | trombone
Anders Eriksson | trumpet
Marius Haltli | trumpet
Frode Nymo | saxophones
Geir Lysne | saxophones
Lars Andreas Haug | tuba 

You may find out more about Ragnhild Furebotten, and listen to some of her delightful music, on her MySpace page. For more information on Folkelarm 2011, which is being held in Oslo from the 29th of September to the 1st of October, we recommend that you also visit this English language site.

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