Folkelarm 2011

Sudan Dudan: Modern traditionalists

Sudab Dudan

Sudab Dudan

In a remarkable interplay of two voices surrounded by the sounds of guitars, Norwegian zither, fiddle, banjo and mandolin, Sudan Dudan interprets melodies that have been shaped through generations.
Their 2006 debut album Sudan Dudan was met with enthusiastic reviews and earned the duo the Norwegian National Broadcasting’s ‘Folk Music Record of the Year' award.
2010 saw the release of the much longed for second album Kari og Ola, also this to great approval. Kari og Ola is a compilation of old songs dressed in a mix of Norwegian and Anglo American folk traditions. This is singer-songwriter music from the valleys of Norway at its best.
The Norwegian alternative folk music scene Havresekken puts it this way: 'Sudan Dudan carries out Norwegian medieval ballads and lullabies wrapped up in American old time. The duo performs beautiful and heartbreaking song treasures, accompanied by langeleik, guitars and vocals'. 
In their own words, Sudan Dudan tells of knights and other hapless inhabitants of broadside ballads, comic ballads, lullabies and other traditional songs. This is the stuff that rural people sang of a long time ago, but the performances and arrangements draw inspiration from diverse periods and genres.
Marit Smedsrud Karlberg | Norwegian zither, vocals
Anders Erik Røine | guitar, vocals, jew’s harp, Hardanger fiddle
You may listen to free music, and find out more about this exciting duo on their MySpace-pageFolkelarm 2011 will take place at Riksscenen, Oslo from the 29th of September to the 1st of October. You can also find out more about Folkelarm by hitting this link 

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