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Gjermund Larsen Trio

Gjermund Larsen|Photo: Geir Dokken

Gjermund Larsen|Photo: Geir Dokken Unspecified

Gjermund Larsen is one of those rare young performers who have achieved success in both the folk and contemporary music worlds.

A highly respected performer Gjermund Larsen has been in great demand and has achieved success with the contemporary jazz world of the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, Norwegian/Finnish collective Frigg, Majorstuen and now with his own compositions whose roots are in traditional Norwegian music. He has received several prices for his music, and in 2002 he became the youngest fiddler ever to win the Norwegian Championship in traditional folk-fiddling.

Larsen’s proper debut as a composer came in the form of the work ‘Brytningstid’ which was commissioned by the Telemark Festival in 2006. The majority of the work is devoted to new, contemporary and original folk music which draws inspiration from the local dance music traditions of the Verdal area in the Trøndelag region. Double bassist Sondre Meisfjord and pianist/organist Andreas Utnem were featured at the premiere of ‘Brytningstid’ and the three have continued the fruitful collaboration to date. The pieces featured in ‘Brytningstid’ still constitute the base of the trio’s repertoire, a repertoire that has continued to grow in magnitude and diversity during the last years. In 2009 they received the Norwegian Grammy for their debut-album “Ankomst”. The three band members represent a wide range of genres ranging from classical and contemporary to jazz and pop as well as traditional folk music – a diverse background that results in a highly aesthetic and rewarding sonic landscape.

“The silvery tones of Gjermund Larsen are a gateway to a musical world of melodic delight and top rate performances” (Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3)

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