Norwegian Tapas


Norwegian Tapas is meant as a tool to give young Norwegian artists an opportunity to perform outside Norway, and to convey Norwegian folk music to an audience in Belgium - well known to music from all over the world, but hardly ever exposed to music from Scandinavia.

Annual tour
The aim is to arrange an annual tour under the title “Norwegian tapas”. After some years the promoters will build a trust in the concept and book “Norwegian Tapas” knowing that quality is guaranteed. If announced in time, “Norwegian Tapas” should be able to create a tour of about 20 concerts after three years

The selection of artists might be made from the artists performing at “Folkelarm” to create a direct correlation between different projects dedicated to promote Norwegian artists abroad.

Toernee Mondial and the cultural centers in Belgium
The Belgian venues involved in the tour are all cultural centers meaning they have good infrastructure for concerts, exhibitions and meeting facilities.  Most of the venues have a concert hall with 400 seats (some have 600).  They all are recognized and subsidized by the Flemish Community. 

The network Toernee Mondial exists of 20 venues that meet at a regular basis discussing tours/concerts in the field of world music. They discuss the financial possibilities, the initial interest for a certain group, the spreading in the different provinces, the promotion etc.

The director of Toernee Mondial, Roger Bowens, has a broad knowledge of the field of Norwegian folk music and the selection of artist to Norwegian Tapas 2009 was made by him during Folkelarm in 2008.

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