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Hard core fiddler

Synnøve Bjørset

SLÅTTAR | Synnøve Bjørset - ta:lik

SLÅTTAR | Synnøve Bjørset - ta:lik

A concert with Synnøve S. Bjørset is a personal and vital meeting with a young musician who introduces her world of Hardanger fiddle music with passion and enthusiasm. Her story-telling ability and her anecdotes about old fiddlers, the tunes and the fiddles, make the music approachable for many more than the true Hardanger fiddle fans.

Synnøve S. Bjørset ranks among the foremost performers and interpreters of traditional Hardanger fiddle music today. A full-time freelance performer, she has toured extensively at home and abroad, both as a solo performer and with acclaimed ensembles such as Majorstuen. Over the past few years, her performances have won her a string of awards and scholarships. Last year she was awarded a two year government grant, and by this also a unique chance to actively pursue her artistic career.

The traditional tunes on Bjørsets repertoire are rooted in the fjord and mountain regions of Sunnfjord, Sogn and Valdres areas where dance tunes and concert pieces go hand in hand. Many of the tunes are based on simple melodic structures, which Bjørset attacks with her own brand of ferocious Hardanger fiddle minimalism. Building on archived transcripts and recordings, she has developed a uniquely individual style that accentuates the rhythmic structures and nuances, as well as the melodic subtitles of the music.

Bjørset released her first solo album in 2001, and has since then participated on numerous recordings. Her latest solo album "Slåttar" was released in 2009, and the album, which naturally includes classics such as Fanitullen and St.Thomasklokkene, as well as a tasteful, melodious collection of little-known tunes and reinterpretations of familiar standards.

“Her playing is wild, catchy and innovative. But she also has a strong feeling for the delicate. There’s something magnificent about the way she handles the fiddle” (Aftenposten, daily Norwegian newspaper)

Discography (selected):
2009: Synnøve Bjørset ”Slåttar” (ta:lik records)
2006: Majorstuen ”Juledrøm” (Majorstuen Fiddle Company)
2004: Majorstuen ”Jorun Jogga” (Majorstuen Fiddle Company)
2003: Majorstuen “Majorstuen” (2L)
2001: Synnøve Bjørset “RAM” (NorCD)

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