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Folkelarm 2011

Camilla Granlien: Storyteller

Camilla Granlien, 2011

Camilla Granlien, 2011

Folkelarm is a an urban folk music festival and music industry event in Scandinavia, this year taking place at Riksscenen in Oslo in late september. Here you will encounter some of the most exciting acts from Northern Europe, including the great Camilla Granlien.

- I look upon myself as a storyteller that passes on both old and new stories. People of every age like to be told a tale. My repertoire reaches back to olden times; far apart from our present time lives, but since my songs touch the topic of human relations they are also of current importance.

This is how Camilla Granlien describes her own music.  She has a Master of traditional Arts and has specialized in the vocal traditions of Gudbrandsdalen, her home region. She works with the old songs both as a soloist and in different ensembles, among many her own Camilla Granlien Band.

In 2005 she released her first solo record, Begjær, consisting of traditional songs from Gudbrandsdalen. 2008 saw the release of the highly appraised Jarnnetter, a CD that she recorded jointly with her whole band.  Her latest album is a duo production in which she is joined by Kristin Sevaldsen on saxophone.

Camilla Granlien won the Norwegian Competition of Folk Music and Dance in 2008. A concert with this mellifluous singer is a not-to-be-missed event. 

You will find a lot more information on Folkelarm 2011 by going here. You may also want to visit Cammila Granlien's MySpace page, offering music samples, news and photos. 


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