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Hekla Stålstrenga

Foto | Ingun A. Mæhlum

Foto | Ingun A. Mæhlum

Hekla Stålstrenga could be described as an acoustic folk-rock band that is inspired by the folk music of northern Norway. Hekla Stålstrenga likes to play music that is good to dance to while also ensuring that the group’s repertoire includes more peaceful gems for listening to. Old and new tunes are woven together with ballads and stev (short, originally improvised songs) from the North and other folksongs that the members of the group like to combine. Ragnhild Furebotten is a familiar name from the group Majorstuen, among others, Tore Bruvoll is from Bruvoll/Halvorsen, Andreas Amundsen is from the Gypsy band Bengalo, Lena Kristin Ellingsen is an actor for the Norwegian National Touring Theatre, and Inge Dulin has experience playing Irish, Cuban and Norwegian folk music.


2008: Hekla Stålstrenga (Talik)


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