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Grappa Music Group


Grappa Musikkforlag (Grappa Music Group)was established in 1983. The name has come to represent a broad musical scope, high quality and first-rate Norwegian performers. The main currents of Norwegian music are presented on several labels.

The primary objectives of the record company are to present a wide variety of recordings of all musical genres from traditional music to contemporary musical trends. These goals are accomplished by cultivating the purest part of our musical heritage, and by encouraging the natural eagerness of young people to find new modes of expression. Among the company’s catalogue of nearly 1000 cd albums there are many hundred within the folk/world music genre. Many of them released on the Heilo - label.


Grappa Musikkforlag AS
Akersgata 7
N-0158 Oslo
Tlf +47 23 35 80 00
Fax +47 23 35 80 01
E-mail: NOSPAM-info@grappa.no
Web: www.grappa.no

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