Trond Stenseth Moe, Folkelarm (Foto: Eivind Kaasin)

Folkelarm 2011

All-time record for Folkelarm

The showcase proposal submission for Folkearm 2011 is now closed. Folkelarm project manager Trond Stenseth Moe reports all-time record with 170 proposals.
Magnus Stinnerbom i Outhouse Allstars under Folkelarm 2010

Folkelarm 2011

Folkelarm showcase proposal

It's time for Showcase proposals for Folkelarm 2011. Folkelarm is located at Riksscenen in Oslo, and will take place 29th of September to 1st of October 2011.

Ragnhild Furebotten_framside

Nordic Folk Music:

23 Artists ready for Folkelarm 2010!

The number of applications for this year`s Folkelarm outnumbered any previous Folkelarm Festival. 120 artists applied, and 23 are now chosen to play at one of Scandinavia`s most significant meeting arenas for Nordic Folk Music.