Førde Traditional and World Music Festival

Førde Traditional and World Music Festival combines some of the best Norwegian and international acts.

Oslo, Norway

Coming up: Folkelarm 2011

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Northern waves

Nordsjøfestivalen, Farsund

Nordsjøfestivalen translates as The North Sea Festival, and is situated in a small town on the southern coast of Norway. As the Norwegian summer is quietly twindling away, you may yet enjoy skilled musicians from Scotland, England, the Orkneys, the Faroe Islands, Scandinavia, the Shetlands and Ireland, as well as masterly marine musicianship from Norway.



The Telemark Folk Music Festival in Bø seeks to preserve what it sees as essential elements of the folk music experience: intimate performances, face-to-face contact between artist and audience and acoustic sound, while simultaneously exploring new avenues.


Førde Folk Music Festival

Førde Folk Music Festival is the largest festival in Scandinavia for folk / trad. / world music and dance from all over the world. The festival takes place in beginning of July each year.
Ragnhild Furebotten_kvadrat[1]


Festival of Traditional Music in Hallingdal

22rd - 29th of May is the time for this year`s Festival in Ål - Folkemusikkveka. This year`s programme include church ceremonies with folk music, a commission work, seminars, concerts and dance nights.



Bergen International Festival

The Bergen International Festival presents art in all its guises: music, literature, theatre, dance, opera and visual art.

15. - 17. April 2011


Kroke&Tindra, Annlaug Børsheim, Benedicte Maurseth, Karl Seglem and Hoven Droven are a few of the artists performing at Vossajazz this year


Rauland internasjonale vinterfestival

Väsen, Knut Buen, Cathall McConnell and Anders Røine are among the artists who will be performing at the international festival of folk music at Rauland February 16th-20th.

Sufi poetry and music:

Oslo International Rumi Festival coming up

When sufi poet Mavlana jalal-ad-Din Muhammad Rumi died in 1273, representatives from all known regions came to salute him. Over 800 years after his birth, he is one of the world’s most read poets. Oslo International Rumi Festival is an interdisciplinary and multicultural meeting point for discussion, experience and exchange in the spirit of Rumi.

World Music to Oslo:

Oslo World Music Festival

Late autumn every year Oslo World Music Festival, the most international festival of Oslo. Unknown artists for an international audience, many of these artists nevertheless are big stars in their part of the world. Oslo World Music Festival is a six day long festival presenting a variety of world music.

Festival of North Norway

- boasts greater breadth than ever before

Festival of North Norway takes place at Harstad in North Norway, presenting artists from a broad variety of musical genres. Norwegian folk singers Ingebjørg Bratland and Sinikka Langeland will both attend the festival alongside Swedish Hazelius/Hedin, Lena Willemark and Finnish Tsuumi Sound System, to mention only a few.

18.-20. February

by:Larm 2010

Almost fifty handpicked Norwegian demo bands, thirty delightful Scandinavian artists, twenty or so folk-/jazz- and roots artists as well as fifty more established Norwegian names ready to break internationally.



Oslo World Music Festival

Street smart flamenco, Django electronica, qawwali, ghetto blues, throat song, tango, fado, Balkan beats, joik…


Hilmar Folk Music Festival

Hilmar Alexandersen Folk Music Festival is an annual event that tak place in November every year in Steinkjer Town situated in the middle part of Norway. The Festival is named after one of the most outstanding Norwegian fiddlers and folk music performers.

19. - 26. July 2009

Jørn Hilme

Traditional and inventive Norwegian folk music festival in unique surroundings in the small town of Fagernes, Valdres. This is really a folk music festival of concerts, dance parties, classes and a competition for folk musicians, singers and dancers.