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Rammeslag II

Daniel Sandén-Warg & Sigurd Brokke

Rammeslag II_ Daniel:Sanden_Varg_Sigurd_Brokke_foto_emcd

RAMMESLAG, the first album Daniel Sandén-Warg and Sigurd Brokke did together, received excellent reviews and was described as ”folk music’s rock-’n-roll” and ”the best possible”.The CD won a Folkalarm Award as best solo album of 2007.

Now Daniel and Sigurd are ready with a sequel, RAMMESLAG II. The new album contains 27 cuts and includes a 28-page illustrated booklet in Norwegian and English. The booklet is tastefully designed and informative, with factual punch. Tom Karlsrud, who has been sound technician for both recordings, says of RAMMESLAG II: ”In my opinion, this album is several notches better than the first one”. I understood what he meant when I listened to the finished product: RAMMESLAG II is actually a world premiere of new jews-harp pieces from Setesdal. Daniel and Sigurd frolic, alternating between Hardanger fiddle and the jews-harp, in a way that provides variation and dynamic quality. Sigurd Brokke is in top form on his harp, and when Daniel Sandén-Warg plays Hardanger fiddle, the music is like running water. Credit also to Tom Karlsrud for his excellent recording work.

Arne Fredriksen, Etnisk Musikklubb.

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