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Folkelarm 2011

All-time record for Folkelarm

Trond Stenseth Moe, Folkelarm (Foto: Eivind Kaasin)

Trond Stenseth Moe, Folkelarm (Foto: Eivind Kaasin) unknown

The showcase proposal submission for Folkearm 2011 is now closed. Folkelarm project manager Trond Stenseth Moe reports all-time record with 170 proposals.

-This is fantastic! The number of applicants is a clear indication that we reach out to scores of musicians and signifies that the field of folk music and world music if full of life, Moe says.

- After a rough reading trough the proposals we see that Norwegian artists have submitted 80 out of 170 proposals, and we are pleased to see that also the other Nordic countries are represented with several proposals. Sweden has submitted 28 proposals, 14 comes from Island, 27 from Finland, 8 from Denmark and 4 from The Faroe Island. There are also a number of mixed nationality proposals.

Folkelarm 2011 will be held at Riksscenen in Oslo between September 29. and October 1.

Folkelarm is a key Nordic music industry convention that aims at promoting acts from the Scandinavian folk music scene for domestic as well as international music industry execs and media representatives

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