Five Men In A Boat

Five Men in A Boat

Take two Norwegians, two Frenchmen and an Englishman. Mix in a healthy dose of salty songs and maritime musicianship - and you just might get Five Men In A Boat. This feel good-offering is brought to you by Etnisk Musikklubb in Norway.


Ragnhild Furebotten at WOMEX

Never on a Sunday

Ragnhild Furebotten is a familiar fiddling figure on the Norwegian traditional music scene, coming to the fore as part of the internationally renowned band Majorstuen and going on to further acclaim with various collaborations and solo projects.
Slagr, 2011 (Foto: Knut Åserud)

In German Please

Nachtmusik mit Folk-Trio Slagr

In Deutschland ist das Trio am 4. November im Radialsystem in Berlin als Nachtmusik zu erleben. Im Liegen kann man Klangsphären genießen, die sich zwischen Kammermusik, experimenteller und Neuer Musik bewegen.
Dans i Seljord


Norwegian Dinner and Folk dance in Seattle

On August 16 at 6 PM you may enjoy a wild salmon dinner with Project Tove, at Leif Erikson Hall in Seattle. The event is sponsored by Leikarringen of Leif Erikson Lodge No. 1 and Norsk Folkedans Stemne. There will also be traditional music and dance.
Agnes, Marilyn, Jan

The power of musical love

Fiona Talkington: Norwegian music has a big role to play in the aftermath of this tragedy

- Great music comes from great people, I believe, and that’s what I discovered when I first experienced sounds being produced in Norway. These are the words of Fiona Talkington, UK Radio Three presenter, and long time follower of Norwegian jazz and traditional music.
Sigrid Moldestad (Foto: Magnus Skrede)

Northern lights


Kalottspel is a folk music and dance festival which takes place in Målselv in the northern county of Troms. The festival builds on long and rich traditions, and has been an annual event since 1970. It focuses on the Artic region, engaging people from the northern areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and beyond.
Stein Torleif Bjella (Foto:Knut Bry)

That Petrol emotion

Bøgrend Autofest

Bøgrend Autofest is a relatively fresh festival, focusing on an exciting and eclectic mixture of the modern and the traditional. It is being held at an abandoned gas station in Vinje in Telemark, in the very core of rural Southern Norway. Leftfield electronica and folk pop meets hard core traditonal music, creating a dazzling array of musical experiences.