Knut and Hauk Buen

Slåttar på Myllarfela

Originally released in 1991, this record is a testament to the immense heritage left behind by Norwegian fiddler Torgeir Augundsson (1801 - 1872). Furthermore, brothers Knut and Hauk Buen used his original instrument for this recording.


Traditional music from Norway

Hekla Stålstrenga

Hekla Stålstrenga in an acoustic folk rock band, based in Tromsø. They recently released their second album, Makramé, which was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. They performed at Folkelarm in 2009, and are one of twenty acts from Norway featured on the current SongLines CD.
Fribo (utsnitt)

Scottish Traditional Music Awards

Fribo nominated as Best Folk Band

Norwegian / Scottish crossover band Fribo, featuring singer Anne Sofie Linge Valdal, has been nominated for 'Best Folk Band' at the Scottish Traditional Music Awards. Celtic Connections Festival has already praised them as "one of the freshest and most inventive acts on the emerging 'Nu-Nordic' scene".
Photo | Lars O. Flydal

Folkelarm 2011

Nils Økland & Sigbjørn Apeland: Dual dare devils

Fiddler and composer Nils Økland is a remarkable musician, performing on Hardanger fiddle, violin, and viola d’amore. Along with organist Sigbjørn Apleland he operates at the interface between Norwegian folk music, improvisation and contemporary music.

Folkelarm 2011

Ellika / Solo / Rafael: Poetry in motion

Ellika Frisell and Solo Cissokho first met in Stockholm in 1998. Now they will be showcasing their exhilarating music at Folkelarm in Oslo, enhanced with percussionist Rafael Sida and bassist Sigge Krantz.
Jorun Marie Kvernberg (Foto: Marius Beck Dahle)

Cruising the fjords

National Geographic on Førde

National Geographic re-visited the Førde festival this year, dubbing it "one of the planet's greatest music destinations imaginable". Here is the first part of their impressions from the visit, starting out in Bergen in mid summer.

Nat Geo Music

Picturing a world of song

Photographer Tom Pryor came along, as National Geographic Music went on a trip to the 22nd edition of the Førde Folk Music Festival in Norway. Here you may enjoy some of his impressions from the opening night of the festival, simply presented as "one of the best summer music festivals Europe has to offer".