Majorstuen - Live in concert

This Norwegian five piece celebrates it's first decade by releasing a live greatest hits collection, showcasing their mastery as both traditional fiddlers and ground breaking innovators. Here you may listen to some samples from this fresh release.

Skjermbilde på Folkelarm

"Discover a world of music"

SongLines: Listen to Norway

In the latest edition of SongLines, you'll find a brand new compilation CD, consisting of some of the brightest stars to appear on the Folkelarm stage. "Traditional music from Norway" features twenty Norwegian artists from the Nordic Showcase Festival in Oslo, providing a musical overview of what's going on in Norway today.
Tindra, 2011

Traditional Music from Norway


The Trio of Åshild Vetrhus (vocals) Jorun Marie Kvernberg (fiddle, vocals) and Irene Tillung (accordion, vocals) have dug out some of the beautiful song treasures of Rogaland County for the record Moder Norge, released earlier this year on the ta:lik label.
Antti Paalanen[1]

Answering the perennial question

The Arts Desk in Oslo

UK based site The Arts Desk gives it's readership the latest on new shows and openings, arts news and major interviews with leading figures in the arts. Writer Kieron Tyler recently paid a visit to the Folkelarm festival in Norway, praising the personalities borne on the music.
Yr på Folkelarm 2011

National Geographic

Viking Age glory and Norway's cultural psyche

FolkOrg has stated that the organization needs focus-time for an evaluation period for Folkelarm, and also to explore much-needed funding possibilities. This means that there will be no showcase concerts in 2012. Read more in this second report by Evangeline Kim.

Ragnhild Furebotten på Folkelarm 2011

National Geographic

A succession of spectacular performances

National Georgraphic sent special correspondent Evangeline Kim back to Norway to cover this year's annual Folkelarm festival, to once again experience "the true face of Norway": gracious, welcoming, tolerant, generous and unbowed by terror.
Ugagn, Folklelarm 2011 (Foto: Eivind Kaasin)

Good times

Folkelarm 2011 in pictures

Three full days of some of the very best Nordic folk music have yet again come to pass. In this extensive pictorial, snapped by FolkOrg's very own Eivind Kaasin, you may encounter some of the artists, the prize winners and the Folkelarm ambience.