Nordic Woman

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Nordic Woman

"Nordic Woman" is the first music collection in an ongoing WOMAN-series dedicated to celebrating women's voices and musical heritage from around the world. It features some of the most foremost female performers from the traditional music field in Norway, and it's neighboring countries.


Kristiane Lund

Gamle meisterspelemenn på 78-plater - III

Kristiane Lund (1889-1976) played the fiddle all her life, and was among the very first performers of traditional music to be recorded in Norway. The earliest tracks included on this record from Buen Kulturverkstad are from 1919.


Gamle meisterspelemenn på 78-plater

Here you can listen to some of the oldest recorded traditional music from Norway, played by Ola Mosafinn (1822 - 1912) and Knut J. Dahle (1834 - 1921). The relatively poor sound quality, transmitted from old 78 rpm records, cannot hide the richness and the beauty of the music.
Sudab Dudan

Traditional music from Norway

Sudan Dudan

Sudan Dudan is the duo of Marit Karlberg (vocals, norwegian zither) and Anders E. Røine (guitar, vocals). With a wide range of musical influences they’ve created a unique sound, working their way trough the material of traditional ballads, shanties and lullabies. Sudan Dudan played at Folkelarm 2011.

Traditional music from Norway

Per Anders Buen Garnås

Per Anders Buen Garnås is one of the very best Hardanger fiddle players in Norway. His newly released record, Seljord anno 1935, literally travels back in time, allowing us to meet up with some of the most acclaimed fiddlers of days gone by.
Camilla Granlien og Kristine Sevaldsen på Aulestad (Foto: Paal Audestad)

Traditional music from Norway

Camilla Granlien & Kristin Sevaldsen

Inspired by lyrics by one of Norway's most famous writers, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (1832 – 1910), Camilla Granlien and Kristin Sevaldsen released Aftenstemning earlier this year, using their own melodies and arrangements. Camilla Granlien performed at Folkelarm 2011, and can be heard on the SongLines CD.
Valkyrien Allstars

Traditional music from Norway

Valkyrien Allstars

Valkyrien Allstars have become hugely popular in Norway. The trio of Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen (vocal, hardanger fiddle), Ola Hilmen (hardanger fiddle, vocal), Erik Sollid ( bass fiddle, hardager fiddle, vocals) has just released their third album, "Ingen hverdag", further bridging rock-oriented and folk-oriented audiences.