Skjermbilde på Folkelarm

"Discover a world of music"

SongLines: Listen to Norway

In the latest edition of SongLines, you'll find a brand new compilation CD, consisting of some of the brightest stars to appear on the Folkelarm stage. "Traditional music from Norway" features twenty Norwegian artists from the Nordic Showcase Festival in Oslo, providing a musical overview of what's going on in Norway today.

Antti Paalanen[1]

Answering the perennial question

The Arts Desk in Oslo

UK based site The Arts Desk gives it's readership the latest on new shows and openings, arts news and major interviews with leading figures in the arts. Writer Kieron Tyler recently paid a visit to the Folkelarm festival in Norway, praising the personalities borne on the music.
Yr på Folkelarm 2011

National Geographic

Viking Age glory and Norway's cultural psyche

FolkOrg has stated that the organization needs focus-time for an evaluation period for Folkelarm, and also to explore much-needed funding possibilities. This means that there will be no showcase concerts in 2012. Read more in this second report by Evangeline Kim.


Førde Folk Music Festival

Paradise in Western Norway

Transpacific Sound Paradise, "the world music show that's not afraid to rock and / or roll", recently paid a visit to the Førde Festival in Western Norway. Here they share three hours of highlights from the experience, including excerpts from Rob Weisberg's field recordings from the festival.
Valkyrien Allstars   Photo: Geir Dokken

Summer in Norway

Enjoy our festivals!

Many people primarily think of Norway as a winter wonderland. But in the summertime you will find that Norway opens up in a quite different way, especially along the coast. The summer season also offers a plethora of festivals and cultural highlights, many of them strongly linked to traditional music and dance. Here's a little taste of what you may enjoy in the weeks to come.



The Telemark Folk Music Festival in Bø seeks to preserve what it sees as essential elements of the folk music experience: intimate performances, face-to-face contact between artist and audience and acoustic sound, while simultaneously exploring new avenues.
Jan Garbarek, Agnes Buen Garnås

Rosensfole revisited

Birth of a legend

Dutch music writer Eelco Schilder is still in love with the album Rosensfole, which originally appeared in 1989. This highly influential release remains a water shed in Norwegian traditional music, bringing together the talents of saxophone virtuoso Jan Garbarek and singer Agnes Buen Garnås.